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The Ford Show-Season Two - 1957-'58

Show # 39   September 26, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Jane Wyman. Script Notes: One of Hollywood's 'A' List in the Leading Ladies category, Jane Wyman was a no-nonsense business woman who carved herself out a career that included four Academy Award nominations, and one win, for her role in 1948's "Johnny Belinda" . By 1957, she was becoming much more visible on the small screen; Playhouse 90, Loretta Young, and other network fare. This was her first of two visits to The Ford Show. 

Musical Numbers: Bless Your Peapickin' Hearts: Ernie and The Top Twenty / In The Middle Of An Island / Night And Day / It's A Big, Wide, Wonderful World: The Top Twenty / Hooray For Love: Jane / In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening: Ernie and Jane / Just A Closer Walk With Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jane Wyman, The Top Twenty

Show # 40   October 3, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Actor Dennis O'Keefe. Script Notes: Musical Numbers: Shotgun Boogie: Ernie / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot: The Top Twenty / Goody, Goody: Ernie and Dennis / Eli Eli: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Dennis O'Keefe, The Top Twenty

Show # 41  October 10, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Marie Wilson. Script Notes: One of Hollywood's original Dumb Blondes, Marie Wilson gained popularity as Ken Berry's foil on one of the wildest shows ever produced, "Hollywood Blackouts". Her only appearance with Ernie, Marie tries her hand at "...some serious acting. Ya know, Ernie--like in one of those horror movies!" Guess who plays the monster...? 

Musical Numbers: Sleepy-eyed John: Ernie and The Top Twenty / College Medley: Strike Up The Band/Notre Dame Victory March/On Wisconsin/Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech/Far Above Cayuga's Waters/Whiffenpoof Song/South Carolina Victory March/Strike Up The Band (reprise): Ernie, Marie, The Top Twenty / Whispering Hope: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Marie Wilson, The Top Twenty

  • Show # 42   October 17, 1957 (Pre-empted)

Show # 43   October 24, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Lee Marvin. Script Notes: On break from his weekly duties on TV's 'M Squad', Lee Marvin drops by to lend a little Detective work to help Ernie find out who lifted his watch. 

Musical Numbers: In The Middle Of An Island: Ernie and The Top Twenty / In A Little Spanish Town: The Top Twenty / Side By Side: Ernie and Lee / Nine Pound Hammer: Ernie / Sweet Hour Of Prayer: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Lee Marvin, The Top Twenty

Show # 44   October 31, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Actor John Payne. Script Notes: The star of NBC's "Restless Gun" draws against the old Peapicker...


Musical Numbers: Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own: Ernie and The Top Twenty / That Old Black Magic: The Top Twenty / Dude Cowboy: Ernie and John / My Heart Reminds Me Of You: Ernie / This Train: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, John Payne, The Top Twenty

Show # 45   Nov. 7, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Ronald Reagan. Script Notes: One of Hollywood's most bankable stars, and the host of  General Electric Theater, this November, '57 airing was the first of two Ford Show visits by Reagan. Having just received the National Parent's Council "Screen Father of the Year" award, Ron gives Ernie a hilarious lesson in using his Three Categories of Reverse Psychology when raising young'uns....a classic sketch! 

Musical Numbers: Jambalaya: Ernie and The Top Twenty / John Henry: Ernie / Medley: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah/Ta Ra Ra Boom Deyay/Jada/Digga Digga Do/Hold Tight/Doodle Doodle-Do/Three Little Fishes/Marzi Doats/Chibaba Chababa/Chickery Chick/Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah: The Top Twenty / Somebody Bigger Than You And I: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Ronald Reagan, The Top Twenty

Show # 46   Nov. 14, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Minnie Pearl. Script Notes: On her first visit to The Ford Show, Minnie and Ernie turn the world of cooking shows upside down when they debut their one-and-only recipe for 'pig-taters'. One of the funniest half-hours in network television's history. ...A classic Ford Show Classic! 

Musical Numbers: Melodie D'Amour: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Lover: The Top Twenty / Company's Comin': Ernie and Minnie / When They Ring Those Golden Bells: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Minnie Pearl, The Top Twenty

Show # 47   November 21, 1957


Ernie's Guests: Rosemary Clooney and Danny Arnold. Script Notes: In this, her second Ford Show visit in as many seasons, Rosie Clooney joins Ernie for one the series' best musical half-hours. Standout moment: Ford Show writer and comic Danny Arnold makes a cameo appearance as the ubiquitous Fred Fricke, -stage manager to the stars- in this eighth Ford Show to close without a hymn. 

Musical Numbers: Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Just Between You An Me: Rosie / Medley: Mmm, Would You Like To Take A Walk/Let Me Put My Arms Around You/You're An Old Smoothie/Gimme A Little Kiss/Ma, He's Makin' Eyes At Me/Ain't We Got Fun/Mmm, Would You Like To Take A Walk (reprise): Ernie and Rosie / Medley: Rose Of San Antone/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Ragtime Cowboy Joe: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Give Me A Straw Hat And A Cane / Won't You Come Home BIll Bailey: Ernie and Rosie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Arnold, The Top Twenty

Show # 48   Nov. 28, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Charles Laughton. Script Notes: An icon of the British stage and film, Charles Laughton's narrative woven through the traditional a cappella harmonies of Ernie and The Top  Twenty on "Bless This House", the hymn closing this Ford Show's second Thanksgiving offering, made this November, '57 airing one of the most dramatic, and emotionally charged closings produced during the series' five-year run. A true Classic. 

Musical Numbers: Turkey In The Straw: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Varsity Drag: The Top Twenty / Chances Are: Ernie / Bless This House: Ernie, Charles, The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Charles Laughton, The Top Twenty

Show # 49   December 5, 1957

william frawley-1.jpg

Ernie's Guest: William Frawley. Script Notes: Taking a break from his regular duty as the best-known neighbor on TV, 'Fred Mertz', William Frawley drops by the Ford Show to reminisce with Cousin Ern. A great show! Musical Numbers: Just Born To Be Your Baby: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Song And Dance Man: William / Carolina In The Morning: Ernie and William / I Am A Pilgrim: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, William Frawley, The Top Twenty

Show # 50   December 12, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Actress Laraine Day. Script Notes: Before becoming known as Mrs. Leo Durocher, Laraine Day had earned her showbiz stripes on Broadway, in films and in television. Her only visit to The Ford Show, she drops by to let Ernie know she's found Betty's Birthday present--which turns out to be a mink. NOT what Ernie had in mind at all...! 

Musical Numbers: It's A Good Day: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Love Is A Many Splendored Thing/Amor/C C'est L'Amour/That's Amore/Love Letters In The Sand/Hooray For Love: Ernie, Laraine and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Laraine Day, The Top Twenty

Show # 51   Dec. 19, 1957


Ernie's Guests: Lee Aaker & Rin Tin Tin. Script Notes: In a moment that could only have happened on live television, and in a scene that has become one of classic TV's golden moments, Ernie's youngest son, Brion, captures the spotlight with his own idea of keeping tempo with his Dad in the closing carol of this December 19, '57 offering; The Ford Show's second Christmas broadcast, and Lee & Rinnie's second Holiday visit. 

Musical Numbers: I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Carol Of The Drums: The Top Twenty / Medley: Deck The Halls/Joy To The World/The Christmas Song/Carol Of The Bells/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer/Hark, The Herald Angels Sing/God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen/The First Noel/I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas/Adeste Fidelis/Silent Night/Christmas In America/Children Go Where I Send Thee: Ernie, The Top Twenty and guests

Show # 52    December 26, 1957


Ernie's Guest: Actor Mac Donald Carey. Script Notes: A veteran of more than 50 films, Macdonald Carey was just coming a successful opening of his newest pic, "Meet Mr. Kringle", a 'Miracle On 34th Street' follow-up (not a sequel) that paired Carey with then-newcomer Teresa Wright. This 12/26/57 installment was his first and only Ford Show visit. 

Musical Numbers: My Home Town Is A One-Horse Town: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Lonesome Road: Ernie / There Is Beauty In Everything: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Mac Donald Carey, The Top Twenty

Show # 53    January 2, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Actor and comic Lew Ayers. Script Notes: On of Hollywood's little known stars, Lew Ayers was on every studio's 'A' list of character actors. In this January 2nd, '58 installment, Lew shares the secrets of his passion -astronomy- with Ernie...who -naturally- stays passionately out of focus. 

Musical Numbers: Good Will: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Western Medley: Take Me Back To My Boots and Saddle/I'm An Old Cowhand/Ragtime Cowboy Joe/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Wagon Wheels/Don't Fence Me In: The Top Twenty / I Can't Help It If I'm In Love With You: Ernie / The Wedding Song: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Lew Ayers, The Top Twenty

Show # 54   January 9, 1958

vera miles-1_edited.jpg

Ernie's Guest: Vera Miles. Script Notes: Vera Miles does her best to teach Ernie the fine points of doing a love scene. In an unexplained switch, Ernie performs a classic spiritual number on this particular show..."He'll Understand And Say, 'Well Done'", but not as the closing number. It was the last time such a variance occurred.

Musical Numbers: Bless Your Peapickin' Heart: The Top Twenty / Polka Medley: Ferry Boat Serenade/Liechtensteiner Polka/Roll Out The Barrel/Ferry Boat Serenade (reprise): The Top Twenty / He'll Understand And Say, 'Well Done': Ernie / I Gave My Love A Cherry: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Vera Miles, The Top Twenty

Show # 55   January 16, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Caesar Romero. Script Notes: Ernie's promise to give Caesar duck hunting lessons has him in a bit of a blind. Blind? -- You know, Duck Bli--Oh, never mind. Musical Numbers: Down Deep: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Sentimental Journey: The Top Twenty / Chicken Road: Ernie and Caesar / It Is No Secret: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Caesar Romero, The Top Twenty

Show # 56   January 23, 1958


Ernie's Guests: Ann B. Davis and Molly Bee. Script Notes: Ernie and Molly give Ann ('Schultzie', from The Bob Cummings Show) a hand in locating an old flame... Musical Numbers: Hambone: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Magic Mirror: The Top Twenty / Tennessee Yodel Polka: Molly / I'm Available: Ann / Little David, Play On Your Harp: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Ann B. Davis, Molly Bee, The Top Twenty

Show # 58   February 6, 1958

gertrude berg-1_edited.jpg

Ernie's Guest: Writer, producer, actress and comedienne Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg). Script Notes: As the creative force behind one of radio's most enduring hits, "The Rise Of The Goldberg's", Gertrude Berg's alter-ego, Molly Goldberg, became one of America's most endearing characters; a writer and actress whose work and contributions to American stage, radio, film and television set the stage for generations of women who followed her.

Musical Numbers: Bless Your Peapickin' Heart: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: March Of The River Kwai/76 Trombones: The Top Twenty / Peace In The Valley: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg), The Top Twenty

Show # 59   February 13, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Robert Horton. Script Notes: Bob talks Ernie into a workout at the gym. was an exercise in Classic Comedy! Peapicker Trivia ~This 2/13/58 show was done on Ernie's 39th Birthday! Musical Numbers: Sugartime: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Walking Medley: Standing On The Corner/Mmm, Would You Like To Take A Walk?: The Top Twenty / Walking My Baby Back Home: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Take My Hand, Precious Lord: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Robert Horton, The Top Twenty

Show # 60   February 20, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Actor Edward Everett Horton. Script Notes: One of Hollywood's most recognizable faces, many did not know that Edward Everett Everett Horton was also one of the great voice artists of classic entertainment, commercials, and cartoons. Rocky and Bullwinkle fans will recognize his voice anywhere! Musical Numbers: The Lampposts Of Old Broadway: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Shadrack: The Top Twenty / You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry: Ernie / Whispering Hope: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Edw. Everett Horton, The Top Twenty

Show # 61   February 27, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Keenan Wynn. Script Notes: One of Hollywood's most recognizable character actors, Keenan Wynn, the son of legendary clown and funnyman, Ed Wynn and father to screenwriter, Tracy Keenan Wynn, makes his first of two stops by The Ford Show, giving Ol' Ern some valuable insight into 'method acting'.

Musical Numbers: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine: Ernie and The Top Twenty / The Man I Love: The Top Twenty's Karen Wessler / I Want To Be Ready: Ernie and The Top Twenty / False-Hearted Girl: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Keenan Wynn, Karen Wessler, The Top Twenty

Show # 62   March 6, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Stage and film star Sir Cedric Hardwicke. Script Notes: A monarch of British film and stage royalty, Sir Cedrick Hardwicke was also one of the most recognizable villains in all of filmdom. So, naturally, when he needs someone to baby-sit his pet elephant, Fifi, who does he ask...? Musical Numbers: (This list is being researched). Cast: Ernie Ford, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, The Top Twenty

Show # 63   March 13, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Actress Pat Carroll. Script Notes: One of Hollywood's most unpredictable actresses, Pat Carroll drops by Ernie's place to share a few pointers on the dangers -and glamour- of doing live commercials! Hilarious! Musical Numbers: Clancy Lowered The Boom: Ernie and The Top Twenty / St. Louis Blues: The Top Twenty / Up A Lazy River: Ernie and Pat / Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Pat Carroll, The Top Twenty

Show # 64   March 20, 1958


Ernie's Guests: Miyoshi Umeki and Akim Tamiroff. Script Notes: One of the top five Ford Shows ever produced, this March 20th, 1958 show featured appearances by two of the silver screen's greatest character actors of the day; Miyoshi Umeki and Akim Tamiroff. A veteran of 100's of films Tamiroff was one of the great villains of the day, and Umeki was still celebrating her Academy Award Nomination for Sayonara when she joined Ernie for this Ford Show Classic. Highlights: Ernie and Miyoshi do an old soft-tabi, and join Akim for a memorable version of 'You Are My Sunshine'. A classic from curtain to curtain! 

Musical Numbers: Banjo Picker's Ball: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Get Out Those Old Records: Ernie and Miyoshi / You Are My Sunshine: Ernie, Miyoshi and Akim / When God Dips His Pen: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Miyoshi Umeki, Akim Tamiroff, The Top Twenty

Show # 65   March 27, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Wendell Niles (shown) with Jack Oakie, Dick Bernie, and Joe Cappo. Script Notes: Ernie is joined by announcer Wendell Niles and character actors Jack Oakie, Dick Bernie and Joe Cappo for a look back at the heyday of Vaudeville. Musical Numbers: Sugartime: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Frere Jacques: The Top Twenty / Rockabye Your Baby: Ernie / Eternal Life: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Wendell Niles, Jack Oakie, Joe Cappo and Dick Bernie

Show # 66   April 3, 1958


Ernie's Guest: George Gobel. Script Notes: George goes all-out to teach his old buddy, Ernest about the ways of women. Right. Musical Numbers: Glad Rags: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: The Old Songs/On Her Coney Island Washboard: Ernie, Dick Wessler, Ken Remo, Don Kent, Ted Wills (from The Top Twenty) / A' Sleepin' At The Foot Of The Bed: Ernie and George / Christ Arose: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, George Gobel, The Top Twenty

Show # 67   April 10, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Andy Devine. Script Notes: Andy gives Ernie a few pointers on the fine art of being a movie cowboy. Musical Numbers: Hoop De Do: Ernie and The Top Twenty / April Showers: The Top Twenty / Follow The Leader: Ernie and The Top Twenty / The Old Chisolm Trail: Ernie and Andy / Now The Day Is Over: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Andy Devine, The Top Twenty

Show # 68   April 17, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Roberta Sherwood. Script Notes: One of the absolute best among the best, this April 17, '58 Classic features torch Queen Roberta Sherwood in her first appearance on The Ford Show. In one of the series' most memorable ½  hours, Ernie throws the format out the window, and -other than the opening number- trades standards with Sherwood for the entire show. A Classic in every sense of the word...Great TV! 

Musical Numbers: Cry Me A River: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Back Home Again In Indiana: Ernie / Mississippi Mud: Roberta / Tennessee Waltz: Ernie / Georgia: Roberta / Moonlight In Vermont: Ernie / Blue Moon Over Kentucky: Ernie and Roberta / Wabash Blues/No New Tunes On This Old Piano: Ernie and The Harry Geller Orchestra / Up A Lazy River: Roberta / Who's Sorry Now: Ernie / I Got Lost In His Arms: Roberta / You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry: Ernie / You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You: Roberta / If I Can Help Somebody: Ernie and Roberta. Cast: Ernie Ford, Roberta Sherwood, The Top Twenty

Show # 69   April 24, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Barry Sullivan. Script Notes: Possibly the weirdest, strangest Ford Show in it's five year run. In writing that only be described as...well--terrible, Ernie is a visitor from another planet, given a tour by none other than Barry Sullivan. Musical Numbers: Night Train To Memphis: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Witch Doctor: The Top Twenty / That's All: Ernie / His Eye Is On The Sparrow: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Barry Sullivan, The Top Twenty

Show # 70  May 1, 1958


No Guest ~ On Location In New York. Script Notes: Thanks in large part to John Crosby, columnist for the Post, New Yorkers were among the country's most devoted Peapickers--Ernie was as big in the boroughs as he was in the heartland--and this first of two shows done back-to-back in Manhattan is evidence of that incredible popularity. Highlights include a Classic performance of 'Sixteen Tons', and the only live performance in existence of 'Wayfaring Pilgrim'. 

Musical Numbers: Bless Your Peapickin' Heart: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Elijah Rock: The Top Twenty / Sixteen Tons: Ernie / Wayfaring Pilgrim: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty

Show # 71   May 8, 1958


On Location In New York. Ernie's Guest: Jose Ferrar. Script Notes: In this second of Ernie's two back-to-back shows from the Big Apple, Tony and Academy Award Nominee (not to mention Rosie Clooney's husband) Jose Ferrar,  enlists Ernie's help in casting a leading lady for his next Broadway production. Everything goes smoothly until Ernie actually decides to help! 

Musical Numbers: Cotton Candy And A Toy Balloon: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Nonsense Medley: Zip A Dee Doo Dah/Ta Ra Ra Boom Deyay/Jada/Digga Digga Doo/Hold Tight/Doodle Dee Doo/Three Little Fishes/Marzi Doats/Chibaba - Chibaba/Chickery Chick/Zip A Dee Doo Dah (reprise): The Top Twenty / Femininity: Ernie and Jose / My Mother's Eyes: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jose Ferrar, The Top Twenty

Show # 72   May 15, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Walter Brennan. Script Notes: Brennan returns for his second appearance on The Ford Show. Musical Numbers: Alabamy Bound: Ernie, Dick Wessler, Ken Remo, John Guarnieri, Howard Chitjean (From The Top Twenty) / Disney Medley: When You Wish Upon A Star/Hi- Ho/Whistle While You Work/We Are Siamese/Lavender Blue/Davy Crockett/The Big Bad Wolf/Whale Of A Tale/When You Wish Upon A Star (reprise): The Top Twenty / I'll Always Be In Love With You: Ernie / Sweet Peace: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Walter Brennan, The Top Twenty

Show # 73   May 22, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Phyllis Kirk. Script Notes: You ask for beautiful music, soft lights and a romantic love scene. You get Harry Geller, a cold soundstage and Ernie Ford. What's a girl to do? Musical Numbers: There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Reuben, Reuben: When You And I Were Young, Maggie: Ernie and Phyllis. Cast: Ernie Ford, Phyllis Kirk, The Top Twenty

Show # 74   May 29, 1958


No Guest. Script Notes: Ernie decides to conduct a little experiment with Harry Geller and the band in this lighthearted '58 installment. Musical Numbers: Mine All Mine: Ernie / Spanish Medley: Toreador/Bullfight/Torero: The Top Twenty / Who Will Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot: Ernie / Just A Closer Walk With Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty

Show # 75   June 5, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Teresa Brewer. Script Notes: Ernie and Teresa tip their hats to Dixieland... Musical Numbers: Bill Bailey: Ernie and The Top Twenty / South Rampart Street Parade: The Top Twenty / Way Down Yonder In New Orleans / Copenhagen: Teresa / Blues In The Night / Jambalaya: Ernie / When It's Sleepy Time Down South: Teresa / When The Saints Go Marching In: Ernie and Teresa / Lord, I'm Coming Home: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Teresa Brewer, The Top Twenty

Show # 76   June 12, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Jose Ferrar. Script Notes: With two left in the season, Ernie decides to show the folks at home and in the audience a few of the bits that had to be cut from several shows over the season. He runs into a little trouble, though when he launches into his recreation of Cyrano De Bergerac, just as Jose Ferrar (who movie fans will remember made the role famous) makes a cameo  entrance! 

Musical Numbers: Zip A Dee Doo Dah: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Dance Medley: Everybody's Doin' It/Charleston/Champagne Waltz/Pennsylvania Polka/Conga/Who Gets The Pain/At The Hop: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Take Time To Be Holy: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty

Show # 77   June 19, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Molly Bee. Script Notes: Molly makes her third Ford Show appearance. Musical Numbers: Lazy Mary: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Travel Medley: Faraway Places/Brazil/Arrivederci, Roma/Liechtensteiner Polka/ Bali Ha'i/A Foggy Day In London Town/Faraway Places (reprise): The Top Twenty / I'll Be Back A'Sunday: Molly / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud, Loud Music / Hog-Tied Over You / Make Like A Bunny, Honey: Ernie and Molly / This Train: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Molly Bee, The Top Twenty

Show # 78   June 26, 1958


No Guest. Script Notes: The last show of the second season. Musical Numbers: Love Makes The World Go Round: The Top Twenty / Sunday Barbecue: Ernie / Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Dear Old Girl: Ernie, Dick Wessler, Howard Chitjean, Ken Remo (From The Top Twenty) / Try A Little Tenderness/Heart Of My Heart: Ernie / God Be With You Till We Meet Again: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty

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