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The Ford Show-Season Three - 1958-'59

Show # 79   October 2, 1958


Ernie's Guest: George Gobel. Script Notes: Ernie arranges a trip to the islands for his Little Bitty Buddy, George. Musical Numbers: Gee, But It's Good To Be Here: Ernie and The Top Twenty / March Medley: I Love A Parade/Left, Right Out Of My Heart/Two Arms, Two Lips, One Heart, My Love: The Top Twenty / Strike Up The Band / The Hukilau / Yakety Yak: Ernie and George. Cast: Ernie Ford, George Gobel, The Top Twenty

Show # 80   October 9, 1958


On Location ~ The Henry and Edsel Ford Theater-Detroit Michigan. Ernie's Guest: Ann Blyth. Script Notes: With a tip of the old chapeau to his sponsor, Ernie takes the gang to Detroit, along with guest Ann Blyth, does the show live for the Ford Motor Company folks, and takes a few moments to introduce the '59 Fords while he's at it. (Hey! It's commercial TV...o.k!?).

Musical Numbers: Medley: In The Good Old Summertime/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Shine On Harvest Moon/In The Good Old Summertime (reprise): Ernie and The Top Twenty / Rock And Roll Square Dance: The Top Twenty / Swing Low Sweet Chariot: Ann / Tenderly: Ann (with Ernie on violin) / Catfish Take A Look At That Worm: Ernie and Ann / When They Ring Those Golden Bells: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Ann Blyth, The Top Twenty

Show # 81   October 16, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Ernie Kovacs. Script Notes: One of television's true pioneers, Ernie Kovacs' own brand of irreverent, off-the-wall humor also made him one of Hollywood's most controversial figures. Ern and Ernie decide to produce their own pilot for this '58 broadcast--a 'Western Quiz Show in Space'! Musical Numbers: Football Medley: You've Got To Be A Football Hero/Buckle Down, Winsocki/Tennessee Yell/Collegiate/You've Got To Be A Football Hero (reprise): Ernie and the gang / Park Medley: While Strolling Through The Park One Day/Tell Me, Pretty Maiden/Pretty Baby/Oh, You Beautiful Doll/The Band Played On/Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sweetheart: Ern, Ernie and the Top Twenty / Who At My Door Is Standing: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Ernie Kovacs, The Top Twenty

Show # 82   October 23, 1958


Ernie's Guest:  William Bendix. Script Notes: Ernie's buddy, and one of the most underrated characters in Hollywood, Bill Bendix makes his first of two Ford Show appearances. Musical Numbers: The Plunk Of The Banjo: Ernie and The Top Twenty / All In The Game: Ernie / Just A Closer Walk With Thee: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, William Bendix, The Top Twenty

Show # 83   October 30, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Aldo Ray. Script Notes: Ernie hypnotizes Aldo back to his old boyhood home for this Halloween offering from '58.  Musical Numbers: Halloween Medley: Halloween/Dry Bones/Halloween (reprise): The Top Twenty / Medley: Sing, Sing, Sing/Sing Something Simple/Sing A Song Of Sixpence/Sing A Tropical Song/Sing To Me, Guitar/Sing, Johnny One-Note/The Singing Hills/Sing Before Breakfast/Sing For Your Supper/Singing In The Bathtub/Singing In The Rain/Singing The Blues/Sing, Boy, Sing/Sing Me A Song Of The Islands/Sing A Low Down Tune/Chantez, Chantez/Italian Street Song/Sing, It's Good For You/Johnny One-Note/If You Feel Like Singing, Sing: Ernie, Aldo and The Top Twenty / Whispering Hope: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Aldo Ray, The Top Twenty

Show # 84    November 6, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Jane Wyman. Script Notes: Jane does her best to educate Ernie on the better dressing habits. Musical Numbers: Hi, Neighbor/Big D: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Love Makes The World Go 'Round: The Top Twenty / Hog Tied Over You: Ernie and Jane / Nine Hundred Pages of Sixty-Six Books: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jane Wyman, The Top Twenty

Show # 85   November 13, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Cliff Arquette. Script Notes: Making his first of 9 Ford Show visits, Cliff Arquette would become one of Ernie's closest pals, and-always in the company of Charlie, Mama and  Papa Weaver- one of the most popular return guests in the show's five-year run. Ford Show Trivia: Arquette holds the all-time record for most return visits--nine! Musical Numbers: My Home Town Is A One-Horse Town: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Waltz Medley: Champagne Waltz/Shadow Waltz/I Could Have Danced All Night/Three O' Clock In The Morning: The Top Twenty / The Vitamin Song: Ernie and Cliff / Now The Day Is Over: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

  • Show # 86   November 20, 1958 (Pre-Empted)

Show # 87    November 27, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Molly Bee. Script Notes: Ernie and the gang celebrate their third Thanksgiving on The Ford Show. Highlights: Ernie decides Molly needs some cooking lessons. He's such a turkey...! Turkey--? Get it...? Thanksgiv---Oh, never mind. Musical Numbers: Company's Comin'/Home For The Holidays/Company's Comin' (reprise): Ernie, Molly, The Top Twenty / Reuben, Reuben: The Top Twenty / That's The Glory Of Love: Molly / Bill Bailey: Ernie and Molly / Our Thanks To Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Molly Bee, The Top Twenty

Show # 88  December 4, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Carol Channing. Script Notes: Miss Channing makes her 2nd and final visit to The Ford Show gang. Musical Numbers: Glad Rags: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Frere Jacques: The Top Twenty / The Old Yahoo Step: Carol / Hambone: Ernie and Carol / Children Go Where I Send Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Carol Channing, The Top Twenty

Show # 89   December 11, 1958


Ernie's Guest: Charles Laughton. Script Notes: Back for his second visit, the great Charles Laughton lets Ernie in on a family secret, lets his hair down, and joins Ernie for a classic duet of the old Grandpa Jones trademark tune, 'Old Rattler'. Trust us, you've never heard the complete Charles Laughton until you've heard Charles Laughton belting it out onstage with Ol' Ern! We're talking stuff for the vault, here! One of the funniest Ford Shows on record! Musical Numbers: The Mardi Gras March: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Winter Medley: Sleigh Ride/Snow, Snow/The Loveliest Night Of The Year: The Top Twenty / Old Rattler: Ernie and Charles / Sleep, My Little Lord Jesus: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Charles Laughton, The Top Twenty

Show # 90   December 18, 1958

Gordon Macrae-2.jpg

Ernie's Guest: Gordon MacRae. Script Notes: Among America's brightest singing stars, Gordon MacRae continually topped the 'A' list of Leading Men in Romantic Musicals. A fellow Capitol artist with Ernie, the two were each other's biggest fans, and the best of friends on and off the set. This December 18, '58 was the first of MacRae's two Ford Show appearances, marked by their closing duet of "Oh Holy Night"; one of the series' most stunning performances. A classic!

Musical Numbers: Merry Christmas Polka/Jingle Bells/Merry Christmas Polka (reprise): Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Blow The Man Down/The Keeper Of The Eddystone Light/The Maid Of Amsterdam/Home Boys, Home: The Top Twenty / The Secret: Gordon / Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age: Ernie and Gordon / Oh, Holy Night: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Gordon MacRae, The Top Twenty

Show # 91 Dec.  25, 1958


Ernie's Guests: Actor Jon Provost and his pal, Lassie. Script Notes: The only Christmas show during the season's five years to actually be shot and broadcast on Christmas Day. Also, Ernie's first performance ever of perhaps his most beautiful Christmas carol; 'Some Children See Him'. Musical Numbers: Over The River: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Deck The Halls/O Come All Ye Faithful/God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/The First Noel/Joy To The World: Ernie and The Top Twenty /  Carol Of The Bells: The Top Twenty / Some Children See Him: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jon Provost, Lassie, The Top Twenty

Show # 92 Jan.  1, 1959


Ernie's Guests: Danny Thomas, Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartwright (and a special cameo appearance by Jay North). Script Notes: ...The only New Year's show to actually be shot and  broadcast on New Year's Day...and one of the funniest half-hours in The Ford Show's five-year run! Danny "...comes over to Ernie's place" in this New Year's Day show, and ss a surprise, Danny's brought along Rusty Hamer and Angela Cartwright, his TV 'kids' who think Ernie is the greatest. Problem: now Danny can't get a word in edge-wise, let alone his monologue! 

Musical Numbers: It's A Boy!: Ernie and The Top Twenty/ Medley: Everybody's Doin It/Charleston/Champagne Waltz/The Pennsylvania Polka/The Conga/Mambo/Tea For Two Cha Cha/At The Hop: The Top Twenty / Others: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Danny Thomas, Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartwright, Jay North

Show # 93   January 8, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Lloyd Bridges. Script Notes: Lloyd Bridges comes up for air from his series 'Sea Hunt' and gives Ernie a few lessons on how to take a dive -- with style. Musical Numbers: A' Sleepin At The Foot Of The Bed: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Oh, Didn't It Rain: Dorothy Gill (from The Top Twenty) / Wayfaring Pilgrim: Ernie (w/Bobby Gibbons, guitar). Cast: Ernie Ford, Lloyd Bridges, Dorothy Gill, The Top Twenty

Show # 94 Jan.  15, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Kate Smith. Script Notes: By the time this January, '59 Ford Show aired, Kate Smith was already ranked among the greatest entertainers in the world. One of radio's brightest, most popular stars, her bigger-than-life, unabashed patriotism and love of a good song came together in her now-legendary 1952 performance and recording of  "God Bless America". From that moment forward, she would forever be known as 'America's Sweetheart'. Ernie's absolute fascination with Kate is evidenced immediately in this Ford Show Classic...his admiration is written all over him. So immensely popular was this episode, so that Kate was asked to return the following which she readily agreed. Together, these two airings became the 1st and 2nd  highest-rated Ford Shows in the series' five year stint.

Musical Numbers: Philadelphia, USA: Ernie and the gang / Train Medley: I Love To Go A' Wanderin'/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Shuffle Off To Buffalo/Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe/You're A Million Miles From Nowhere/California Here We Come/Alabamy Bound/Iowa, Iowa/Beyond The Blue Horizon: The Top Twenty / It Was So Beautiful: Kate / Somebody Loves Me: Kate / Get Me To The Church On Time: Ernie / You're Just In Love: Ernie and Kate / Lord I'm Coming Home: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Kate Smith, The Top Twenty

Show # 95 Jan. 22, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Kate Smith. Script Notes: See notes above. Musical Numbers: Sixteen Tons: Ernie / Medley: Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle / I'm An Old Cowhand/Ragtime Cowboy Joe/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Wagon Wheels/Don't Fence Me In: The Top Twenty / When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain: Kate / Y'all Come: Ernie, Kate and the gang / Anytime: Ernie / There's A Goldmine In The Sky: Kate / Hey, Good Lookin: Ernie and Kate / The Touch Of  God's Hand: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Kate Smith, The Top Twenty

Show # 96   January 29, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Andy Devine. Script Notes: Andy and Ernie reminisce about the salad days...make that beans and cornbread days...for Andy's third visit to the show. Musical Numbers: Hoop De Doo: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Down By The Station: The Top Twenty / I Love My Rooster: Ernie and Andy / When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Andy Devine, The Top Twenty

  • Show # 97   February 5, 1959   (Pre-Empted)

Show # 98   February 12, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver). Script Notes: Charlie makes his second visit to The Ford Show, and brings Mama Weaver with him. Musical Numbers: Chip Off The Old Block: Ernie and the gang / Rock-a-Tango: The Top Twenty / In The Pines: Ernie / Crawdad Song: Ernie and Cliff / The Old Rugged Cross: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

Show # 99   February 19, 1959


Ernie's Guests: Caesar Romero and singer Cathie Taylor. Script Notes: Musical Numbers: Charlie Brown: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Turn Around: Cathie / Froggie Went A' Courtin': Ernie and Cathie / Life's Railway To Heaven: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Caesar Romero, Cathie Taylor, The Top Twenty

Show # 100   February 26, 1959

June Carter-1.jpg

Ernie's Guest: June Carter. Script Notes: Fully nine years before her marriage to the legendary Johnny Cash, and two years before she would sing a note with him, June Carter was coming into her own as a successful folk & country artist, and, -through the growing public awareness of her family's history- establishing herself as a major influence in both genres. But her talents did not stop there. At the urging of Elia Kazan, no less, she studied acting briefly at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, and was a regular on radio's Prince Albert Comedy Hour. This was her only Ford Show appearance.

Musical Numbers: Rovin' Gambler: Ernie / Circus Medley: When The Circus Comes To Town/The Entry Of The Gladiators/The Bearded Lady/Lydia, The Tattooed Lady/Diavolo/Be A Clown: The Top Twenty / Goin Back To Where I Come From: June / How Many Biscuits Can You Eat: Ernie and June / I'll Have A New Life: Ernie, June and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, June Carter Cash, The Top Twenty

Show # 101   March 5, 1959


Ernie's Guests: Sallie Brophy and Tommy Nolan. Script Notes: A short-lived summer replacement series, 'Buckskin' was a product of BetFord Corporation; Ernie's production and management company--also responsible for producing The Ford Show. While it never gained a place in the Fall lineup, the show featured a strong cast and well-written scripts centered around a young boy and mother eking out their lives on the frontier...played by Sallie Brophy and young Tommy Nolan; making their first and only appearances on this March, '59 airing.

Musical Numbers: Oklahoma: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: The Caissons Go Rolling Along/Anchors Aweigh/Semper Paratus/The Army Air Corps/The Marine's Hymn/She's A Grand Old Flag: Ernie and The Top Twenty / The Lord's Prayer: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Sallie Brophy, Tommy Nolan, The Top Twenty

Show # 102 March 12, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Liberace. Script Notes: Consummate showman Liberace makes his first visit to The Ford Show, and in a hilarious skit, demonstrates why Ernie Ford never became a concert pianist. Lee's stunning performances highlight this Ford Show Classic, including "Slaughter On 10th Avenue" and the Cole Porter classic, "Night And Day". The 12th Ford Show to close without a hymn. Musical Numbers: MacNamara's Band: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Lolly Too Dum: The Top Twenty / Slaughter On 10th Avenue / Night And Day: Liberace / There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano: Ernie and Liberace. Cast: Ernie Ford, Lee Liberace, The Top Twenty

Show # 103  March 19, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Robert Horton. Script Notes: Cowboy Bob's second time at the ranch. Musical Numbers: Black-Eyed Susie: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Hawaiian Medley: Hawaiian War Chant/Keep Your Eyes On The Hands/Ukelele Lady/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Aloha Oe: The Top Twenty / The Hanging Tree: Robert / Covered Wagon Roll Right Along: Ernie and Robert / Just A Closer Walk With Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Robert Horton, The Top Twenty

Show # 104   March 26, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Actor Lloyd Nolan. Script Notes: Fresh from his award-winning turn on Broadway as 'Queeg' in "The Caine Mutiny", actor Lloyd Nolan reluctantly agrees to let Ernie try out for the play -- providing the Ford Show crew doesn't jump ship! Musical Numbers: Some Of These Days: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Easter Medley: Easter Bonnet/Steppin' Out With My Baby/On Puttin On My Top Hat/In My Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown/You Oughta Be In Pictures/When Orchids Bloom In The Moonlight/I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams: Ernie and the gang / Christ Arose: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Lloyd Nolan, The Top Twenty

Show # 105   April 2, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Elsa Lanchester. Script Notes: One of Britain's most celebrated actresses, and the devoted wife of Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester may forever be associated with the role that became synonymous with a name that would frighten moviegoers for decades: 'The Bride Of Frankenstein'. Out of character, she earned an equally widespread reputation of being one of the bawdiest ladies in show business. She's here on her first (and only) visit with Ernie for this April, '59 broadcast. Musical Numbers: Banjo Picker's Ball: The Top Twenty / The Code Of The Mountains: Ernie / With A Little Bit Of Luck: Ernie and Elsa / Eternal Life: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Elsa Lanchester, The Top Twenty

Show # 106   April 9, 1959


Ernie's Guests: Piano virtuoso Roger Williams and 'Queen For A Day's' Jack Bailey. Script Notes: In one of  television's truly Classic moments, Ernie and Roger Williams are joined by Jack Bailey, who introduces the newest Queen For A Day, Mabel Butterworth, whose lifelong dream comes true, when she gets to sing on The Ford Show. It could only happen on live TV! Musical Numbers: When Payday Rolls Around: The Top Twenty / Near You: Ernie / Autumn Leaves: Roger / Darktown Strutters Ball/June Night/Drum Solo/June Night (reprise): Roger and The Harry Geller Orchestra / Now The Day Is Over: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Roger Williams, Jack Bailey, The Top Twenty

Show 107  April 16, 1959 ▪ THE MIKADO


Show # 108   April 23, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Gisele Mackenzie. Script Notes: Ernie and the gang try to make Gisele feel at home by bringing a little corner of Paris to NBC. Standout moment; Ernie and Gisele fiddle around with a Classic violin duet. Musical Numbers: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: En Roulant Ma Boule Roulant/A Maiden From Ontario/Bonhomme Bonhomme/The Shanty Men/Après Du Ma Blonde: The Top Twenty / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: Gisele / Turkey In The Straw/Company's Comin': Ernie and Gisele / Nearer, My God To Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Gisele Mackenzie, The Top Twenty

Show # 109   April 30, 1959


Ernie's Guests: Molly Bee and The Four Preps. Script Notes: Spring is in the air on The Ford Show as Ernie welcomes favorites Molly Bee and The Four Preps. Ford Show Trivia: The Four Preps Ed Cobb, Bruce Belland and Glen Larson, who would go on to become highly successful television producers. Musical Numbers: By The Sea: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Love Me In The Daytime: Deltra Kamsler and The Top Twenty / I'll Be Home: Molly / Tan Shoes And Pink Shoelaces / Yakety-Yak: The Four Preps / I'm Walkin' / Charley Brown: Ernie and The Four Preps / The Ninety And Nine: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Molly Bee, The Four Preps, The Top Twenty

Show # 110   May 7, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Actor Craig Stevens. Script Notes: TV's suave, handsome and dangerous...Peter Gunn! Musical Numbers: Tiger Rag: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Night And Day/What Is This Thing Called Love/Get Out Of Town/I Love You/Night And Day (reprise): The Top Twenty / My Mother's Eyes: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Craig Stevens, The Top Twenty

Show # 111 May 14,1959


Ernie's Guest: Jazz, Theater and Film Legend Ethel Waters. Script Notes: Ethel and Ernie kick back and unlock a trunk-full of blues in this incredible May, '59 Ford Show Classic. Musical Numbers: Red River Rose: Ernie and the gang / Medley: In The Good Old Summertime/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Shine On Harvest Moon/In The Good Old Summertime (reprise): The Top Twenty / Cabin In The Sky/Trouble, Trouble: Ethel / Trouble In Mind: Ernie / Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe: Ethel / St. Louis Blues: Ernie and Ethel / Stand By Me: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Ethel Waters, The Top Twenty

Show # 112 May 21,1959

edgar bergen-2.jpg

Ernie's Guest: Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (with Charlie McCarthy). Script Notes: Charlie tries to talk Ernie into arranging a date for him with one of the Top Twenty girls. Musical Numbers: Dancing In The Streets: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Shrimp Boats Is A' Comin'/Come Dance/When Your Potato's Done/Jambalaya: The Top Twenty / Chip Off The Old Block: Edgar and Charlie / Eternal Father, Strong To Save: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, The Top Twenty

Show # 113   May 28, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Adolph Menjou. Script Notes: Making his second Ford Show appearance, classic character actor Adolph Menjou drops by for a few lessons in 'gentleman farming' from the old master, himself. Unfortunately, the old master wasn't around, so Ol' Ern had to do. Musical Numbers: Along Came Jones: Ernie and The Top Twenty / The Battle Of New Orleans: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Rock Of Ages: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Adolph Menjou, The Top Twenty

Show # 114   June 4, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Tommy Sands. Script Notes: Ernie gives Tommy some needed lessons on marriage. (In real life, Sands married Nancy Sinatra only months after this show). Musical Numbers: John Henry / Sinner Man: Ernie / The Soft Shoe Song: The Top Twenty / Home: Tommy / His Eye Is On The Sparrow: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Tommy Sands, The Top Twenty

Show # 115   June 11, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Rosemary Clooney. Script Notes: At the time of this visit, The Ford Show was the number one half-hour variety show, and Rosie's Lux Show (sponsored by Lever Bros.) was number two. A fact that raised a few eyebrows on Madison Avenue, when she joined Ernie for this show's Ford commercial! A Classic! 

Musical Numbers: Personality: Ernie and the Top Twenty / I'm Old Fashioned: Ernie / June Is Bustin' Out All Over: The Top Twenty / Lazy Afternoon: Rosie / Catfish Take A Look At That Worm/Row, Row, Row Your Boat/Paddlin' Madeline Home: Ernie and Rosemary / Nine Hundred Pages Of Sixty-Six Books: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Rosemary Clooney, The Top Twenty

Show # 116   June 18, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver). Script Notes: Charlie convinces Ernie to call Mama Weaver back home in Mt. Idy. Musical Numbers: Blackberry Boogie: Ernie / Stardust: The Top Twenty / Doodle Dee Doo: Cliff and Ernie / God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

Show # 117   June 25, 1959


Ernie's Guests: Andre Previn and Danny Arnold. Script Notes: Of the 191 Ford Shows broadcast live every Thursday night from October 4th of '56 to June 29, 1961, five stand out among the most memorable; the season closers. And among those five, this  June 25, 1959 airing, closing the third season (with Nielsens placing it as the fourth highest-rated show in the country that week) qualifies unconditionally as a Ford Show Classic. Ernie's genuine affection and admiration for those behind the scenes, as well as the ever-present Top Twenty, comes out from the very beginning of this season closer.

Taking the spotlight off himself, Ernie shines it brightly on the Ford Show production team throughout the entire half-hour, without whom, he says, he'd be " lost as a bull in an empty dairy." (We'll pause just a sec, while you folks picture that...). Helping bring the curtain down for this classic Ford show is composer and pianist Andre Previn, who performs his newest record, "Like Young", and Ford Show writer and comic Danny Arnold (who would go on to develop Barney Miller and other smash hits). Musical Numbers: Bless Your Peapickin' Hearts: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Like Young: Andre / Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home: Ernie and Andre / God Be With You: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Andre Previn, Danny Arnold, The Top Twenty.

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