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The Ford Show-Season Four - 1959-'60

Show # 118   October 1, 1959


Ernie's Guest: William Bendix. Script Notes: Ernie opens the fourth season of The Ford  Show by taking a little safari with his good buddy, The Life Of Riley's own William Bendix. Musical Numbers: Stay A Little Longer: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Scots Wha Ha Wi' Wallace Bled/My Heart's In The Highlands/The Campbell's Are Coming/Blue Bells Of Scotland/Flow Gently, Sweet Afton/Scotland The Brave/Loch Lomond: Top Twenty / High Hopes: Ernie and William / My Task: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, William Bendix, The Top Twenty

Show # 119   October 8, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Maureen O'Hara. Script Notes: One of the movies' most celebrated actresses visits her Number One Fan for some southern Irish hospitality, Ford Show-style. Musical Numbers: Ain't We Got Fun/School Days: Ernie and The Top Twenty / All Through The Day: Maureen / Come To The Fair: The Top Twenty / Same Old Shillelagh: Ernie and Maureen / Eli, Eli: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Maureen O'Hara, The Top Twenty

Show # 120   October 15, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Ronald Reagan. Script Notes: For his second (and last) Ford Show visit, Ron decides to let Ernie have a crack at hosting General Electric Theater--on one condition, Ron directs! Musical Numbers: Just Another Polka: Ernie / Medley: Indian Summer/Autumn In New York/Tis Autumn/Autumn Serenade/Autumn Leaves/Indian Summer (reprise): The Top Twenty / The Old Rugged Cross: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty, Ronald Reagan

Show # 121   October 22, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver). Script Notes: Charlie convinces Ernie to set him up on a blind date. Musical Numbers: Seven Little Girls (Sittin' In The Back Seat): Ernie and The Top Twenty Girls / Medley: Blow The Man Down/The Keeper Of The Eddystone Light/The Maid Of Amsterdam/Home, Boys Home: The Top Twenty Men / You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You: Ernie / It's A Man: Ernie and Cliff (as Mama Weaver)/ Battle Hymn Of The Republic: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

Show # 122   October 29, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Actor Gordon Scott. Script Notes: Ernie's been cast in a school play as Tarzan, and pays a visit to the real thing--TV's Tarzan, Gordon Scott-- for a few pointers on what it takes to be a real swinger. Musical Numbers: Caribbean: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Isn't It Romantic/It's Dark On Observatory Hill/Down The Old ox Road/Flirtation Walk/Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi: The Top Twenty / Rock A Bye Your Baby: Ernie / Just A Closer Walk With Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Gordon Scott, The Top Twenty

Show # 123   November 5, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Darren McGavin. Script Notes: Ernie signs on a crew member under "Riverboat" captain Darren McGavin in this 1959 episode. A classic from stern to bow. Get it...? 'Bow'? Y' know...stern to...oh, never mind. Musical Numbers: Primrose Lane: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Sunny Side Of Heaven: Ernie / Medley: Here Comes The Showboat/Camptown Races/Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane/Can't You Hear Me Callin', Caroline/Freckles/Shine On Harvest Moon/Here Comes The Showboat (reprise)/Showboat Reprise: The Top Twenty / If I Can Help Somebody: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Darren McGavin, The Top Twenty

Show # 124   November 12, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Minnie Pearl. Script Notes: Cousin Minnie's second visit to her lifelong friend, Ernie's place. Musical Numbers: Take Me Along: Ernie and The Top Twenty / The Nickelodeon Song: The Top Twenty / Hog Tied Over You: Ernie and Minnie / In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin': Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Minnie Pearl, The Top Twenty

Show # 125 Nov.  19, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Gisele MacKenzie. Script Notes: Of all the Ford Shows broadcast--the only show featuring someone other than Ernie closing with a hymn. Musical Numbers: There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Love Is The Only Thing: Ernie / I Wanna Be A Friend Of Yours: Ernie and Gisele / The Three Bells: Gisele and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Gisele MacKenzie, The Top Twenty

Show # 126   November 26, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Howard McNear (...come on you Andy Griffith fans--who was Howard McNear...?) Script Notes: Mayberry's pride and joy, Floyd the barber visits Ernie and the gang for this fourth Thanksgiving Ford Show. Musical Numbers: Jingle Bells/Merry Christmas Polka: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Sleigh Ride/Snow, Snow/The Loveliest Night Of The Year: The Top Twenty / Bless This House: Ernie, Howard, The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Howard McNear, The Top Twenty

Show # 127   December 3, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Allen Case. Script Notes: Allen Case, co-star of NBC's "The Deputy", visits Ernie for this 13th Ford Show to close without a hymn. Musical Numbers: Big D/Hi, Neighbor: Ernie and the gang / That Old Feeling: Allen / Medley: Buffalo Gal/Pony Boy/When Pay Day Rolls Around/Pecos Bill: The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Allen Case, The Top Twenty

Show # 128   December 10, 1959


Ernie's Guests: Liberace and Margarethe Bertelson ~ The 1959 Rose Queen. Script Notes: Making his second -even more flamboyant- appearance, Liberace joins Ernie in celebrating the reign of the 1959 Rose Queen, Margarete Vertelson, and her Court. Lavish sets, incredible garish a Ford Show as you imagine, with all the requirements of a Ford Show Classic. Musical Numbers: The Winter Song: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Tschaikovsky Concerto: Liberace / Do Re Mi: Ernie, Liberace, Rose Queen and Court / Sleep, My Little Lord Jesus: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Liberace, Rose Queen Pamela Prather, The Top Twenty

Show # 129  Dec.  17, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Kate Smith. Script Notes: America's Sweetheart pays a visit to her old friend, Ernie, for this Holiday Ford Show Classic. Among the standout moments...Kate asks Ernie for a little help with some favorite recipes for her new cook book! Musical Numbers: I'm Movin' On: Ernie / White Christmas:Kate / Tater Pie: Kate, Ernie and The Top Twenty / O Hearken Ye: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Kate Smith, The Top Twenty

Show # 130 Dec.  24, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Jay North. Script Notes: Back on January 1, of the same year ('59) Ernie hosted pal Danny Thomas, along with Angela Cartwright and Rusty Hamer, Danny's TV 'kids'. In the same show, another young actor, then unknown, does a brief cameo in a bit with Danny. He received no credit. The boy was Jay North, now a star with Dennis The Menace, and Ernie's Guest star for this 1959 Christmas Classic; The Ford Show's third. A standout moment: Ernie's first televised performance of the Carol, 'Some Children See Him'. 

Musical Numbers: Caroling, Caroling/The Happiest Christmas Tree: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: O Come All Ye Faithful/God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen/Carol Of The Bells/The First Noel/Joy To The World/Carol Of The Drums: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Some Children See Him: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jay North, The Top Twenty

Show # 131   December 31, 1959


Ernie's Guest: Charles Laughton. Script Notes: New Year's Eve, '59 finds Ernie once again begging Charles Laughton to read some of Bristol's finest poetry ... Musical Numbers: On Behalf Of The Visiting Firemen: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: You've Gotta Be A Football Hero/The Eyes Of Texas Are Upon You/Down The Field (The Syracuse Fight Song)/Bengal Swing (LSU)/Alma Mater (Miss.)/Yoh, Washington/On Wisconsin: The Top Twenty / A Mighty Fortress Is Our God: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Charles Laughton, The Top Twenty

Show # 132   January 7, 1960


Ernie's Guests: Queen For A Day's Jack Bailey. and Dean Martin. Script Notes: In a surprise cameo, Dean Martin drops by as Ernie and pal Jack Bailey poke a little fun at The Rat Pack in this January, 1960 Ford Show Classic! Musical Numbers: Hey Joe: Ernie and the gang / St. Louis Blues: The Top Twenty / Talk To Me: Jack Bailey / Return To Me: Ernie / Wabash Blues: Ernie / An Evening Prayer: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jack Bailey, Dean Martin, The Top Twenty

Show # 133  Jan.  14, 1960




A Ford Show Special. Click here to read the complete backstory.

Show # 134   January 21, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Cliff Arquette. Script Notes: Charlie, Mama, and Papa Weaver all pay Ernie a visit in this January '60 airing. Ford Show trivia: Arquette holds the all-time record for most return guest appearances. Harry, Ernie and the gang kick this great show off with a swingin' version of the Johnny Mercer favorite, "Would You Like To Swing On A Star". Musical Numbers: Would You Like To Swing On A Star: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Click Go The Shears/Waltzing Matilda: The Top Twenty / Too Old To Cut The Mustard: Ernie and Cliff / Hold To God's Unchanging Hand: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

Show # 135   January 28, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Singer Jimmie Rodgers. Script Notes: Ernie gives expectant father Jimmie Rodgers a few pointers on the fine art of diapering a baby in this January, 1960 telecast. Musical Numbers: Down By The Station: Ernie and the gang / Tender Love And Care: Ernie / Honeycomb: Jimmie / She's My Baby: Ernie and Jimmie / Take My Hand, Precious Lord: Ernie and The Top Twenty.Cast: Ernie Ford, Jimmie Rodgers, The Top Twenty

Show # 136   February 4, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Andy Devine. Script Notes: Andy enlists Ernie to help him out with his new diet...a heavy job for Ol' Ern! (Ford Show trivia--the fewest number of songs ever done on a Ford Show (2!) and the 14th Ford Show to close without a hymn). Musical Numbers: Love Potion # 9: Ernie / Shadrack: The Top Twenty / Scarlet Ribbons: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Andy Devine, The Top Twenty

Show # 137   February 11, 1960

lily pons-1.jpg

Script Notes: One of Opera's leading voices and one of it's biggest stars, Lily Pons is Ernie's guest for this February '60 show. And trust us, if you've never heard one of Opera's biggest stars do "Froggie Went A' Courtin'", then you haven't heard real Opera! Musical Numbers: When You Wore A Tulip: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Blue Danube Waltz: The Harry Geller Orchestra and The Top Twenty / Ah Vous Dirais-Je Mamam: Lily / Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair: Ernie / Le Fleuret Du Bois Jolie: Lily / Froggie Went A Courtin': Ernie and Lily / Il Etait Un Bergere: Lily / Au Claire du la Lune: Ernie and Lily / Onward For God And My Country: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Lily Pons, The Top Twenty

Show # 138   February 18, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Actor Peter Palmer. Script Notes: The star of Broadway's smash hit, Li'l Abner, Peter Palmer makes his first and only visit to The Ford Show, in this February, '60 airing. Musical Numbers: Walkin' On Air: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Granada: The Top Twenty / Peg O' My Heart: Peter / Others: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Peter Palmer, The Top Twenty

Show # 139   February 25, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Minnie Pearl. Script Notes: Minnie travels all the way from Grinders Switch to pay Ernie a special visit in this great February, '60 installment. Musical Numbers: Mama Don't Allow No Music Playin' 'Round Here: Ernie and The Top Twenty / You Can't Get A Man With A Gun: Minnie / He'll Understand And Say, Well Done: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Minnie Pearl, The Top Twenty

Show # 140   March 3, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Dale Robertson. Script Notes: The 15th Ford Show to close without a hymn. Musical Numbers: It's A Most Unusual Day: Ernie and the gang / Medley: If You Knew Susie/K-K-K-Katy/Joanne/Irene Goodnight/Dorothy's Cha Cha/Karen Waits For Me/Donna/A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody: The Top Twenty Guys / El Paso: Dale. Cast: Ernie Ford, Dale Robertson, The Top Twenty

Show # 141   March 10, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Odetta. Script Notes:  In one of only two network television appearances in five years, Odetta graces this Ford Show with some of the most awesome music and powerful performances ever captured on kinescope. At a time when folk was on the cusp of completely changing the American cultural landscape, every other prime-time variety show out there was playing it decidedly safe and definitely conservative; booking The Kingston Trio, The Dillards or The Smothers Brothers. "Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley" was about about as controversial as the Big Three wanted to be. Odetta, however, was anything but conservative. A major voice among the rising ranks of folk artists in Boston, Connecticut  and The Village, she had become, by 1960, one of the principal influences and architects of the new wave of social protest. ...On the Ernie Ford Show!?! 

...One of the best, most incredible Ford Shows ever produced, and a Ford Show Classic from curtain to curtain.

Musical Numbers: Little Coco Palm: Ernie and the group / Square Checkers (Skip To My Lou): The Top Twenty / Another Man Done Gone / Muleskinner Blues / Pastures Of Plenty: Odetta / Nine Pound Hammer: Ernie (w/Odetta on guitar) / The Great Historical Bum: Ernie and Odetta / Church In The Wildwood: Ernie and The Top Twenty / What A Friend We Have In Jesus: Ernie, Odetta, The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Odetta, The Top Twenty

Show #'s 142 (March 17) / 143 (March 24) / 144 (March 31)

Show # 145   April 7, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Shari Lewis. Script Notes: Making their first appearance on The Ford Show, Shari Lewis grudgingly lets Lambchop negotiate Ernie's deal for his next big production. Musical Numbers: Jambalaya: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Baciare, Baciare: The Top Twenty / Waitin' For The Robert E. Lee: Ernie, Shari, Lambchop / Nine Hundred Pages Of Sixty-Six Books: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Shari Lewis, The Top Twenty

Show # 146   April 14, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Pianist Roger Williams. Script Notes: Williams' second Ford Show appearance for this 1960 Easter show. Musical Numbers: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Easter Parade/Steppin' Out With My Baby/Top Hat, White Tie & Tails/In My Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown/You Oughta Be In Pictures/Orchids In The Moonlight/I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams: The Top Twenty / Liza: Roger / The Resurrection: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Roger Williams, The Top Twenty

Show # 147   April 21, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Singer Joanie O'Brien. Script Notes: A regular on the dinner club and radio circuit for years, Joanie was a regular with Ernie's '55-'56 daily Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (also on NBC). One of the best pop voices in the business, and a classy guest for this April, '60 broadcast. Musical Numbers: El Rancho Grande: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: My Favorite Things/Do-Re-Mi/Climb Every Mountain: The Top Twenty / I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues: Joanie / But Yours: Ernie and Joanie / Wayfaring Pilgrim: Ernie (with Bobby Gibbons, guitar).Cast: Ernie Ford, Joanie O'Brien, The Top Twenty

Show # 148   April 28, 1960


No Guest ~ Remote from Drury College in Springfield, Mo. Script Notes: One of only five Ford Shows shot remote on location. Musical Numbers: Gee But It's Good To Be Here: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Spring, Spring, Spring: The Top Twenty / Sixteen Tons: Ernie / Take My Hand, Precious Lord: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty

Show # 149  May 5, 1960


H.M.S. PINAFORE (Repeat)

Script Notes: The first of only three Ford Show reruns.

Show # 150   May 12, 1960

cash and TEF-1.jpg

Ernie's Guests: Johnny Cash and country comics Homer & Jethro. Script Notes: Remember the June Carter Ford Show appearance from February of 1959? Well, here's her future man, Johnny, in tow with two of country music's reigning wierdos, Homer & Jethro. One of the funniest Ford Shows on record, with some of Cash's most incredible performances on video.

Musical Numbers: Cotton Candy And A Toy Balloon: Ernie and the gang / You Belong To Me: The Top Twenty / The Battle Of Kookamonga: Homer & Jethro / Reuben, Reuben: The Top Twenty / Big River/Don't Take Your Guns To Town: Johnny / Pickin' Time: Ernie, Johnny, Homer & Jethro / May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Johnny Cash, Homer & Jethro

Show # 151  May 19, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Singer Frankie Vaughn. Script Notes: One of England's biggest stars, and one of the hit parade's most popular singers, Frankie Vaughn pays Ernie a visit in this music-filled airing from May of 1960. Ford Show Trivia...this broadcast also features a walk-on by up-and-coming- child star Billy Mumy! Musical Numbers: It's A Beautiful Day For A Ball Game: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Won't You Marry Me?: The Top Twenty / Give Me The Moonlight, Give Me The Girl: Frankie / Safety In Numbers: The Top Twenty / Underneath The Arches: Ernie and Frankie / I Wonder As I Wander: Ernie. Cast: Ernie, Frankie Vaughn, The Top Twenty

Show # 152   May 26, 1960


Ernie's Guest: George Gobel. Script Notes: George brings Ernie a surprise--and as usual, things pretty well fall completely apart right afterwards...! A typical visit from Lonesome George. Musical Numbers: Blackberry Boogie: Ernie / I Saw Esau: The Top Twenty Girls / It May Be Silly, But It Ain't Fun: Ernie and George /  Who At My Door Is Standing: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, George Gobel, The Top Twenty

  • Show # 153   June 2, 1960   (Pre-empted)

Show # 154   June 9, 1960

John Forsythe-1_edited.jpg

Ernie's Guest: John Forsythe. Script Notes: Ernie and actor John Forsythe discuss the pros and cons of bachelor-hood versus the opposite... Musical Numbers: Bill Bailey: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Hawaiian War Chant/Keep Your Eyes On The Hands/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Aloha Oe: The Top Twenty / Mister Sears And Roebuck: Ernie and John / This Train: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, John Forsythe, The Top Twenty

Show # 155   June 16, 1960


Ernie's Guests: Cliff Arquette and Minnie Pearl. Script Notes: Ernie plays Cupid and arranges a blind-date with Uncle Charlie  Weaver (Cliff Arquette) and Cousin Minnie Pearl. Musical Numbers: Take Your Girlie To The Movies / Count Your Blessings: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Minnie Pearl, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

Show # 156   June 23, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Actor Dwayne Hickman. Script Notes: Dobie Gillis himself drops by the Ford Show pad and hangs out with Ol' Ern. Musical Numbers: Take Me Along: Ernie and the group / Kids: Ernie and Dwayne / God Of Our Fathers: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Dwayne Hickman, The Top Twenty

Show #157  June 30, 1960

With The Ford Show's Top Twenty_edited.j

No Guest--Last show of the season. Script Notes: As with the season closers for the previous three seasons, Ernie shines the spotlight on the team around and behind the scenes in this June 30, '60 Classic. It's one big party as Ernie brings out producer Cliffie Stone, choreographer Ward Ellis, director Selwyn Touber and musical director Harry Geller (both with Ernie at left), to celebrate the biggest season for the Ford Show's four year run. A great show...! Musical Numbers: In The Good Old Summertime: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: We're Gonna Have Us A Party/High Time/Beer Barrel Polka/High Time (reprise): The Top Twenty / Dark Town Strutter's Ball: Ernie and the girls / Bye Bye Blues: Cliffie with The Harry Geller Orchestra / He'll Have To Go: Ernie / The Old Songs: Ernie / God Be With You: All. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliffie Stone, Ward Ellis, Harry Geller, Selwyn Touber, The Top Twenty.

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