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The Ford Show-Season Five - 1960-'61

Show # 158   September 22, 1960


Ernie's Guest: George Gobel. Script Notes: Ernie's Little Bitty Buddy, Lonesome George Gobel, drops by to help Ernie open the fifth season of The Ford Show. Highlights include Ernie and George putting a Peapicker's spin on politics--definitely not as usual! Musical Numbers: Together Wherever We Go/Let's Think About Livin': Ernie and The Top Twenty / Anything You Can Do: The Top Twenty / The Country's In The Very Best Of Hands: Ernie and George / My Task: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, George Gobel, The Top Twenty

Show # 159   September 29, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Singer Jaye P. Morgan. Script Notes:  An American original, Jaye P. Morgan was one of the hottest supper club and recording acts in the business. Musical Numbers: Kaw-Liga: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Come Back To Sorrento: / Finiculi, Finicula:The Top Twenty / I Walk The Line: Jaye P. / I'm Little But I'm Loud: Ernie and Jaye P. / Hold On, Keep Your Hand On The Plow: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jaye P. Morgan, The Top Twenty

Show # 160   October 6, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Singer and actor Gary Crosby. Script Notes: A regular on Ernie's 1958 CBS Radio series, "The Ford Road Show", Gary Crosby joins Ernie for a look back at school days. Musical Numbers: Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: Ernie and The guys / Walkin' My Baby Back Home: Gary and the girls / Following The Leader: The Top Twenty / Side By Side: Ernie and Gary / When They Ring Those Golden Bells: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Gary Crosby, The Top Twenty

Show # 161   October 13, 1960

Eve Arden_edited.jpg

Ernie's Guest: Eve Arden. Script Notes: Our Miss Brooks visits our Mr. Ford for a little reminiscing about the glamorous life of an actor on the road...Yeah, right. Musical Numbers: Stay A Little Longer: Ernie and the gang / Medley: The Champagne Waltz/The Shadow Waltz/I Could Have Danced All Night/Three O'Clock In The Morning: The Top Twenty / Whispering Hope: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Eve Arden, The Top Twenty

Show # 162   October 20, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Jack Bailey. Script Notes: Ernie and Jack spoof their favorite gangster movies in this classic 1960 broadcast. Other highlights: a memorable closing tribute to The United Nations from Ernie and The Top Twenty. Musical Numbers: Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!/Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella/Smiles/When You're Smiling: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Chicago/That's My Weakness Now/That's My Baby: The Top Twenty / United Nations March: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jack Bailey, The Top Twenty

Show # 163   October 27, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver) with special guests Tab Hunter and Jack Bailey. Script Notes: Mama Weaver's lifelong dreams of a date with Tab Hunter and to be on 'Queen For A Day' all come true, thanks to Ol' Ern, in this classic from October of 1960. (The 16th Ford Show to close without a hymn). Musical Numbers: Medley: You Gotta Be A Football Hero/Buckle Down, Winsocki/College Yell/Collegiate/You Gotta Be A Football Hero/College Yell (reprise): Ernie, Cliff and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

Show # 164   November 3, 1960


No Guest. Script Notes:  Ernie and the gang celebrate folk music in America. Musical Numbers: Camptown Races/Nine Pound Hammer/Sixteen Tons/Please Mr. Custer: Ernie and the group / Jack O' Diamonds: Ernie and the Top Twenty / Chicken Road: Ernie / Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn: Top Twenty girls / Water Boy: Ernie and The Top Twenty guys / Another Man Done Gone: Ernie / In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin': Ernie and the gang. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty

Show # 165   November 10, 1960


Remote: On Location from Edwards Air Force Base. Ernie's Guest: Actor Joe Flynn, and Test Pilots Major Joseph Walker and Major Robert White, USAF. Script Notes: Ernie and the crew salute the US Air Force with this November, '60 airing from Edwards Air Force Base: the fourth Ford Show to be done on location. Musical Numbers: Beyond The Blue Horizon: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning/It's A Long Way To Tipperary/Roses Of Picardy/Mademoiselle From Armentieres/My Buddy/Over There: The Top Twenty guys / Air Force Hymn: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Joe Flynn, The Top Twenty

Show # 166   November 17, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Keenan Wynn. Script Notes: Making his second of two Ford Show visits, Ernie's old pal Keenan enlists his help in casting a crucial role for his next play. Musical Numbers: Alabamy Bound: Ernie and the guys / Georgia: Ernie / Who At My Door Is Standing: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Keenan Wynn, The Top Twenty

Show # 167  Nov.  24, 1960


Ernie's Guests: Merle Travis and Molly Bee. Script Notes: A Ford Show Classic by every definition, this Thanksgiving special featured not only Molly Bee, but the legendary Merle Travis in his first (and only) Ford Show appearance.  A great holiday show and one of the all-time top Ford Show Classics. Musical Numbers: Party Song: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Nine Pound Hammer: Ernie and Merle / Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette: Merle / Fallin' / He Taught Me How To Yodel: Molly / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud, Loud Music: Ernie, Merle and Molly / Bless This House: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Merle Travis, Molly Bee, The Top Twenty

Show # 168  Dec.  1, 1960

tony bennett-1_edited.jpg

Ernie's Guest: Tony Bennett. Script Notes: A high-water mark for The Ford Show, 'every singer's favorite singer', the one and only Tony Bennett joins Ernie for one of the swingin'est half-hours of the Ford Show's five year run. Highlights include Ernie coaching Tony on the finer points of state fair gigs. A classic Ford Show Classic! Ford Show Trivia: the 17th Ford Show to close without a hymn.

Musical Numbers: When You're Smilin'/Put On A Happy Face: Ernie and Tony / The Lady's In Love With You: The Top Twenty / Follow Me: Tony / Medley: Mind Your Own Business/Cold, Cold Heart/Why Don't You Love Me/There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight/Your Cheatin' Heart/Weary Blues: Ernie and Tony / Jambalaya: All. Cast: Ernie Ford, Tony Bennett, The Top Twenty

Show # 169   December 8, 1960


Ernie's Guests: Singer Jimmie Rodgers and Margarethe Vertelson ~ the 1960 Rose Queen, and her Court. Script Notes: Musical Numbers: Medley: Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie/Down In The Old Cherry Orchard/Dear Old Girl/Coney Island Washboard: Ernie and The Top Twenty guys / Little Shepherd Of Kingdom Come: Jimmie / Girl Of My Dreams/Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi:  Jimmie and Ernie / Children Go Where I Send Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Jimmie Rodgers, Margarethe Vertelson

Show # 170   December 15, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Actor Roger Smith. Script Notes: Ernie hosts the co-star of TV's hottest address--'77 Sunset Strip'. Musical Numbers: Little Klinker: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers: The Top Twenty / Quizas, Quizas, Quizas: Roger / Sleep, My Little Lord Jesus: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Roger Smith, The Top Twenty

Show # 171 Dec. 22, 1960


Ernie's Guest: Kate Smith. Script Notes: Kate Smith's last visit with her old friend Ernie makes this Christmas Ford Show a holiday event of it's own. Trivia: this is the first of only two Ford Shows ever taped prior to air date. Musical Numbers: Caroling, Caroling/Deck The Halls/Joy To The World/ God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen/Caroling, Caroling (reprise): Ernie and The Top Twenty / The Christmas Song / I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas: Kate / Carol Of The Bells: The Top Twenty / Some Children See Him: Ernie and the Top Twenty / Silent Night: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Kate Smith, The Top Twenty

  • Show # 172  December 29, 1960 (Pre-empted)

Show # 173   January 5, 1961


No Guest. Script Notes: Ernie tips his hat to American Heroes and Legends in this memorable Ford Show, kicking off 1961. The 18th Ford Show to close without a hymn. Musical Numbers: American Heroes: The Top Twenty / Davy Crockett/Tom Dooley: Ernie / Ben Franklin: The girls / When Johnny Comes Marching Home: Ernie and the guys / John Henry/Jesse James/Casey Jones: Ernie / Ballad Of The Alamo: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty

Show # 174  Jan. 12, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Shari Lewis. Script Notes: Lambchop steals the show right out from under Ol' Ern in this hilarious Ford Show Classic from January of '61. Highlights include Ernie telling Lambchop and Shari the fable of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, as only the Peapicker could tell it! Musical Numbers: I've Got Plenty Of Nothin' : Ernie and The Top Twenty guys / There's A Boat That's Leavin' For New York: The Top Twenty / Oh, Lord, I'm On My Way: Ernie / Heigh-Ho: Shari and Lambchop / Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord: Ernie and the gang. Cast: Ernie Ford, Shari Lewis, The Top Twenty

Show # 175   January 19, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Cliff Arquette. Script Notes: Uncle Charlie Weaver pays a visit to his old buddy, Ernest, to fill him in on the latest political doin's in Mt. Idy. Musical Numbers: You Don't Want My Love: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Granada: The Top Twenty / You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You: Ernie / The Country's In The Very Best Of Hands: Ernie and Cliff / Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

Show # 176   January 26, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Broadway singing star John Raitt. Script Notes: Blues & rock star Bonnie Raitt's  dad drops by the Ford Show digs. In a standout moment, Ernie closes the show with the traditional spiritual, "Precious Memories", accompanying himself with just the autoharp; a classic Ford Show closer. Musical Numbers: We Have L-O-V-E: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Skip To My Lou: The Top Twenty / They Call The Wind Maria: John / Medley: Mary/My Neighbor's Goat/Row, Row, Row: Ernie and John / Precious Memories: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, John Raitt, The Top Twenty

Show # 177 Feb.  2, 1961

brenda lee_edited.jpg

Ernie's Guest: Brenda Lee. Script Notes: 15 year-old Brenda Lee performs her hit, "I'm Learnin' 'Bout Love" on this 1961 Ford Show Classic. Other highlights: Ernie plays an unsympathetic soda jerk to Lee's send-up of 'Set 'Em Up, Joe'; a classic sketch! Musical Numbers: Oh, Susanna, Camptown Races/Sewanee River: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Vocal Symphony: Harry Geller and The Top Twenty / I'm Learnin' 'Bout Love / Set' Em Up, Joe: Brenda / Old Rugged Cross: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Brenda Lee, The Top Twenty

Show # 178   February 9, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Bobby Laugher. Script Notes:  Ernie runs afoul of librarian Bobby Laugher in this lighthearted February installment. Musical Numbers: Heart Of My Heart/Under The Bamboo Tree: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Cold, Cold Heart: Ernie / Lord, I'm Coming Home: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Bobby Laugher, The Top Twenty

Show # 179 Feb.  16, 1961 ▪ CARMEN


Script Notes: Although this last of the Ford Show  Operettas -Ernie's  version of Bizet's Carmen- did not fare nearly as well with the press or the public as its predecessor's, The Mikado and HMS Pinafore, it showcased some of the most memorable performances by Ernie and members of The Top Twenty ever captured during the series' 4+ year run. Cast: Escamillio: Ernie Ford / Carmen: Karen Wessler / Don Jose: John Guarnieri / Micaela: Irene Cummings / Chorus: The Top Twenty. Musical Numbers: Girls And Soldiers / The Habanera / Gypsy Song / My Mother / Gypsy Song / Toreador / This Flower / Nothing Can Stop Me / Duet / Finale

Show # 180   February 23, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Minnie Pearl. Script Notes: Cousin Minnie and Ern catch up on a few memories. Musical Numbers: Dark As A Dungeon: Ernie / Water Boy: The Top Twenty guys / I Really Don't Want To Know: Ernie / Stand By Me: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Minnie Pearl, The Top Twenty

Show #181  March 9, 1961


No Guest ~  Songs Of The Open Sea. Script Notes: Ernie and The Top Twenty tip their hats to seafarers the world over in this Ford Show tribute to Songs of the Open Sea. Ernie himself stands out brightest in this March 9, '61 airing, his  smooth., seasoned baritone sailing effortlessly from the operatic stylings of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Captain Of The Pinafore", up the lonely waters of the 'Shenandoah'. One of the all time great musical Ford Shows.

Musical Numbers: Haul Away/Blow The Man Down: Ernie and The Top Twenty men / Shenandoah: Ernie / What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor: The Top Twenty girls / We Sail The Ocean Blue/Capt. Of The Pinafore: Ernie and the guys / He's Gone Away: Ken Remo and Karen Wessler / The Drummer And The Cookie/A-Rovin'/Home, Boys, Home: Ernie and the guys / Let The Lower Lights Be Burning: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Ken Remo, Karen Wessler, The Top Twenty

Show #182  March 16, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Gordon MacRae. Script Notes: Gordon agrees to host Ernie's cousin Ferd at his penthouse supper club in Manhattan. Musical Numbers: Clancy Lowered The Boom: Ernie and The Top Twenty / If Ever I Would Leave You / Dolce Far Niente:  Gordon / Others: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Gordon MacRae, The Top Twenty

Show # 183   March 23, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Robert Horton. Script Notes: Taking a break from his TV duties as Wagon Train's 2nd in command, actor Robert Horton drops by The Ford Show for this March, '61 airing (Horton's fourth visit). Highlights include Ernie and Horton joining each other for a little role-reversal with their wives at the local health club. Musical Numbers: Memphis: Ernie and the girls / Dark As A Dungeon: Ernie / How Deep Is The Ocean: Robert / In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin': Ernie and The Top Twenty Cast: Ernie Ford, Robert Horton, The Top Twenty

Show # 184   March 30, 1961


On Location At Sea -- Aboard The USS Aircraft Carrier Yorktown. Ernie's Guest: Joe Flynn and the Command and Crew of The USS Yorktown. Script Notes: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Naval aviation, Ernie and The Top Twenty are joined by actor Joe Flynn (Ozzie and Harriet, McHale's Navy) for this 1961 Classic taped aboard The USS Yorktown. Musical Numbers: Anchors Away: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Hey, Look Me Over: The Top Twenty and Crew / Eternal Father, Strong To Save: All. Cast: Ernie Ford, Joe Flynn, The Top Twenty

Show # 185   April 6, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Charles Laughton. Script Notes: For his last appearance on The Ford Show, Charles reluctantly allows Ernie to read a bit of verse from some of Bristol's better known poets. In one of the series' most inspired moments, Laughton gives a dramatic reading from the 1960 Tax Code. Musical Numbers: Get Me To The Church On Time: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Medley: Tell Me, Pretty Maiden/Pretty Baby/Oh, You Beautiful Doll/The Band Played On/Sweetheart, Sweetheart: The Top Twenty / Holy City: Ernie, Charles and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Charles Laughton, The Top Twenty

Show #186 April 13, 1961


Ernie's Guests: The Everly Brothers. Script Notes: In one of their first network television appearances, the Everly Brothers are Ernie's guests for this April, 1961 installment. A Ford Show Classic, the Everlys perform some of their biggest hits and join Ernie for a little rocking with the Peapicker. Musical Numbers: Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Paris Medley: Under Paris Skies/I Love Paris/Freres Jacques: The Top Twenty / Lucille / Walk Right Back: The Everlys / Rattlesnake Daddy/Bird Dog: Ernie and The Everlys / Eternal Life: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Don Everly, Phil Everly, The Top Twenty

Show # 187  Apr. 20, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Singer Roberta Sherwood. Script Notes: Torch singer Roberta Sherwood makes her second visit to the show, joining Ernie for a knockout medley of standards in this  Ford Show Classic, providing one of the preeminent standout musical moments in five seasons. Musical Numbers: That's What I Like About The South: Ernie and the crew / Make Someone Happy / The Best Things In Life Are Free: Ernie  / Up A Lazy River / Georgia / I Got Lost In His Arms: Roberta / Wabash Blues / Bill Bailey: Ernie and Roberta / Take Time To Be Holy: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Roberta Sherwood, The Top Twenty

Show # 188   April 27, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Actor Joe Flynn. Script Notes: Marking the 100th Anniversary of The Civil War, Ernie recruits character actor Joe Flynn to help The Ford Show host the U.S. Army for this 1961 installment. Musical Numbers: Gee, But It's Good To Be Here: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Soldier's Medley: Oh, Johnny/You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby/You'd Be Surprised/Hernando's Hideaway/Put Your Arms Around Me: The Top Twenty / Onward Christian Soldiers: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Joe Flynn, The Top Twenty

Show # 189   May 4, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Singer Joanie Sommers. Script Notes: One of the most versatile singers in the business, Joanie Sommers drops by the Ford Show to trade a few songs with Ernie in this great, music-filled memorable half-hour from May of '61. Musical Numbers: Sugartime: Ernie and the gang / A Wonderful Guy: Joanie / Medley: Blue Moon/Peanut Butter/Tenderly/I'm In The Mood For Love: Ernie and Joanie / Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart: Ernie / Medley: You Can Depend On Me/Some Of These Days/I Like The Likes Of You/You Are My Sunshine: Ernie, Joanie and The Top Twenty / His Eye Is On The Sparrow: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Joanie Sommers, The Top Twenty

Show 190   May 11, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Cliff Arquette (Charlie Weaver). Script Notes: Uncle Charlie Weaver gives Ernie a mis-guided tour of his new electronic farm... Musical Numbers: Sleepy-Eyed John: Ernie and The Top Twenty / I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know: Ernie / My Mother's Eyes: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Cliff Arquette, The Top Twenty

Show # 191   May 18, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Andy Devine. Script Notes: Andy, Ernie, and Lightnin' The Wonder Horse... Musical Numbers: Big D/Hi, Neighbor / September Song / How Great Thou Art: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Andy Devine, The Top Twenty

  • Show #192  May 25, 1961 ▪ THE MIKADO (Encore)

Show # 193   June 1, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Tab Hunter. Script Notes: Actor and heartthrob-in-the-making Tab Hunter is Ernie's guest for this lighthearted Ford Show from June 1st, 1961. Standout highlight: Ernie and Tab in a hilarious sketch as two struggling show-biz hopefuls, down on their luck in Hollywood. Musical Numbers: Medley: In The Good Old Summertime/June Is Bustin' Our All over/June Night: Ernie and The Top Twenty / I Ain't Got Nobody: Tab / My Jesus As Thou Wilt: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Tab Hunter, The Top Twenty

Show # 194   June 8, 1961


Ernie's Guest: South African golf sensation Gary Player. Script Notes: Fresh from his triple crown victories culminating with the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Gary Player agrees to give Ernie a few golf lessons. "FORd!" Musical Numbers: Hello, Mary Lou: Ernie and the gang / Medley: Hi Lilly, Hi Lo/Falling In Love Again/Auf Wiedersehn: The Top Twenty / Straight Down The Middle: Ernie and Gary / Wayfaring Pilgrim: Ernie. Cast: Ernie Ford, Gary Player, The Top Twenty

Show #195 June 15, 1961


Ernie's Guest: Hoagy Carmichael. Script Notes: Arguably one of America's -and the world's- greatest songwriters, Hoagy Carmichael joins Ernie for this June 15, '61 Ford Show Classic, devoted to the standards that made Carmichael the most  talked about, imitated songwriter ever to come out of Tin Pan Alley. One of the All-Time Great Ford Show Classics!

Musical Numbers: Old Buttermilk Sky: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Stardust/Hong Kong Blues: Hoagy / Georgia / Lazy Bones: Ernie and Hoagy / Rockin' Chair / Little Old Lady: Hoagy / In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening: Ernie, Hoagy and The Top Twenty / Gonna Shout All Over God's Heaven: Ernie and the gang. Cast: Ernie Ford, Hoagy Carmichael, The Top Twenty.

Show # 196   June 22, 1961


Ernie's Guests: Joe Flynn, Anita Bryant and the United States Marine Corps Drill Team. Script Notes: The Ford Show salutes the US Marines in this June 22 '61 airing, with a little help from Joe Flynn and Anita Bryant (who taped her segment earlier--the only time a guest ever did so). Highlights--Ernie and Joe rewrite the history of The Corps. Musical Numbers: Medley: Drill Team/Stout Hearted Men/Marching Along Together: Ernie, Anita, Joe and the US Marine Drill Team / My Little Corner Of The World: Anita / Marine's Hymn: Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, Anita Bryant, Joe Flynn, The US Marine Corps Drill Team, The Top Twenty

Show #197  June 29, 1961

tv guide panel-1_edited.jpg

No Guest. Script Notes: The Last Show of the Last Season. Musical Numbers: I Almost Lost My Mind / The Old Rugged Cross: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Elijah Rock: The Top Twenty / Eternal Life / Great Gettin' Up Mornin': Ernie and The Top Twenty. Cast: Ernie Ford, The Top Twenty.

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